Council & Staff at Glendale


Glendale Church employs four members of staff for defined roles. Each has been appointed to contribute different levels of time and their complementary expertise to the day-to-day running and growth of the Church.

  • Ste Bate - Leadership Coordinator
  • Joel Gregory - Youth Worker
  • Mark Scarano - Children's Worker (Colleen Fisher joins us 4 Jan 2018)
  • Eileen Dunn - Administrator


In addition, we have a Council which lead groups from across the Church to implement the vision and direction of our Leadership team, and oversees our financial integrity. Our Council aim to engage the passion, creativity and perspectives from across the wider Church to ensure we are grasping every opportunity in the best possible way.

Ste Bate - Leadership Coordinator
Liz How - Projects
Roger Wills - Health & Safety
Janet Wills - Sunday Teams
Pete Fraser - Technical
Sarah Bullock - Worship
Sarah Dunnett - Communications
Amy Gregory - Safeguarding
Joel Gregory - Youth worker
Mark Scarano - Children's worker
Eileen Dunn - Administrator


Glendale Leadership